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For Amy Sedaris Fans in the Baltimore / Washington, DC Area...
by Katie (craftybeaver)
at August 15th, 2008 (09:29 am)

(x-posted from my website)

Amy will be appearing at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick, Maryland* on Friday, November 7th, 8:00 PM. The evening will likely include an on-stage interview, craft and/or cooking demo, audience Q&A and book signing (subject to change). Additional details to follow. Tickets can be purchased online or from the box office (301-600-2828; $27 for front orchestra; $25 rear orchestra; $20 balcony) . More info here.

*(Close proximity to Baltimore, Washington and Harrisburg)

Ed. note: I kinda sorta pestered the Weinberg to book her, so I’d love to see this sell out or at least come close. Even if you don’t live in the area, if you know someone who does, who you think might be interested in this, please let them know!